Wednesday, 4 October 2017

4 Ways to Contribute Towards Women Education in India

Education help individuals to be well aware of their duties and rights. It also helps them realise their responsibilities to contribute towards the development of the country. We cannot hope for a nation to be fully developed without proper education of the women of the country. Women play very important role in the progress of a family, society and country. In order to make democracy successful in a country like India, women education is necessary.

Create Awareness : One of the primary steps that contribute towards women education is by creating awareness regarding the importance of education. It is essential to make the people understand the value of education. You need to highlight before them the fact that education makes an individual self-dependent. A woman who is educated has a significant place in the society as she is able to contribute towards the development of a nation. 

Support NGO Initiatives : Another way to contribute towards women education in India could be by supporting various NGOs that work to promote and support the education of women in India. There are many ways you can support such NGOs, one of the ways is through volunteering with these NGOs to educate the women for free. Another way that can be of significant help is by raising funds for such NGOs that support women education. You can also donate for women education. Also, as part of the community where such NGOs operate, you can ensure that there are adequate support and welcoming approach from the communities.

Create Dialogue with Communities : Support is needed from local police, members of legislative assembly and other influential people. Such people in the society are capable to donate and support for women education. NGOs must initiate a conversation about the benefits of girl child education, and how they can benefit the community at large. This message must be reinforced through cultural events, contact opportunities and discussions.

 Improving the Existing Schools : Another important way that can be of great help in contributing towards women education could be by improving the condition of schools that support women education. This can be done through the appointment of more qualified and adequate staff. The schools should have more women teachers so that people residing in conservative areas do not hesitate to send their girls to schools. Moreover, there should be a provision of better building and educational equipment and should also provide a wide choice of subject.